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Started the process of getting jiggy with Clojure at work and didn’t like the idea of using Eclipse for my day to day work… so I started looking at how to make vim and clojure get along and came across a great post! Here are the distilled notes plus minor tweaks to get anyone out there trying to do the same thing going: Download VimClojure ( Download VimSlime ( Extract these files into your ~/.
Now my adopted state has chosen to turn its back on its tradition of welcoming immigrants, and of tolerance and freedom to all its citizens, with a proposed amendment to the NC State Constitution no less, that hangs a great banner across the entrances to the state saying to a whole bunch of American citizens: You are not welcome here. Bob Young
English: My Red Hat took me and the kids to the NC Museum of Art this last Sunday! It was perfect too as we got to see a lot of the exhibits and still managed to find time to eat at Lilly’s. Did you know that the entrance is free and the museum is sponsored by the State of North Carolina for our viewing and learning pleasure? Take that NYC and your extremely expensive entrance fees!
… or, how I brought an old python code back from the dead! Inspired by Kenneth Reitz's recent post and spurred by recent events, I decided to turn an old python code I wrote a while back into something that can be (hopefully) easier to get to than by sheer luck. I’m talking about ChoppedPress, my script that let’s you split WordPress exported XML files into smaller files that can be easily imported into new WordPress installations.
If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears. Simon Sinek  I consider myself very lucky for having gotten to a point in my professional career where I can chose where I want to work, a place where I can try to make a difference, and more than anything, a place where I believe in what I do!
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The NY Times' restriction of 10 articles/month for non-subscribers, online viewers means I won't be reading their Books section anymore. It sort of became a good habit for me and something I look forward to on Sunday mornings: as I drink my coffee and enjoy some peace and quietness as the kids are still asleep, I enjoy catching up with the latest books and reviews. This weekend ritual usually ends with a trip down to the public library with the whole family.