Alternatives to NY Times\' Book section

The NY Times' restriction of 10 articles/month for non-subscribers, online viewers means I won't be reading their Books section anymore. It sort of became a good habit for me and something I look forward to on Sunday mornings: as I drink my coffee and enjoy some peace and quietness as the kids are still asleep, I enjoy catching up with the latest books and reviews. This weekend ritual usually ends with a trip down to the public library with the whole family. Both of my kids are already checking out more books and movies than my wife and I together.

But back to this decision by the NY Times, I understand that a for profit establishment wants to, well, make money, and there’s nothing wrong with that for sure. But for this weekend, Books section only reader the options don’t make a lot of sense: pay $6 for the Sunday edition so I can read a small subset of it is a bit expensive, and I am not very sure how much it costs to get the online version.

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