How to import WordPress XML files

… or, how I brought an old python code back from the dead!


Inspired by Kenneth Reitz's recent post and spurred by recent events, I decided to turn an old python code I wrote a while back into something that can be (hopefully) easier to get to than by sheer luck.

I’m talking about ChoppedPress, my script that let’s you split WordPress exported XML files into smaller files that can be easily imported into new WordPress installations. I’m sure that some of you have experienced the frustration of not being able to import this xml file due to size upload constraints on your host providers… One of my close friends who provides mostly support for WordPress gave me the idea a while back and that is how the script came about. Little did I know that other people have find it useful too, specially for migrating away from WordPress! As a matter of fact, I too used it when I moved to Tumblr, but that another story.

So this afternoon I took some time during my lunch break to create a repository and put together some very basic structure to give ChoppedPress a proper home (yay GitHub Pages!!!). For the first time I also uploaded something I created to PyPi… Sure, this may not be a big deal to some of you out there, but I can hardly contain my excitement. :)

Overall, I’m still enjoying a nice buzz from the experience. Obviously, I look forward to comments, suggestions and/or improvements to the code, but more than anything, I hope this will be useful to you too!

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