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Dragging My Carcass
May 13, 2005
Been really busy attending the Project Management class these last 3 days. It’s been very interesting but there’s a lot of material and concepts to absorb. The end product of this is that I get home completely drained and just pass out! Been “running” off of a million cups of coffee and caffeinated snacks… Still haven’t had a chance to play with Perforce and have 4 new books awaiting for me at home.
Away From My Desk
May 11, 2005
Starting today I will be stuck attending some training class for work. These “classes” start at 9am and end at 4:30pm, all through Friday! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to grab a cup of coffee in the next 5 minutes. Managed to update this blog to WordPress 1.5.1. Since this was a bux-fixing release, don’t expect to find anything changed here. As a side note, am looking forward to some WoW playing time with Vinny tonight!
I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I was told to attend “a class” at work starting today. To be honest, I wasn’t very thrilled about the idea but since I didn’t think I had a choice, I prepared myself to spend some long, boring hours at the “class room.” Well, it turns out that besides learning to use a project management tool called Primavera, we are also learning what it takes to professionaly managed a project (from the IT perspective).
After battling for a few days with a certain free (as in non-proxy-ed) wifi AP, I experienced approximately 5 minutes of unlimited freedom right after lunch. My friend Kelvin and I had spent a good chunk of our morning trying to figure out why the connection was dropping all the time but to no avail. I did some “googling” around and saw that some people have been complaining about the same problem but for me this only happens at this certain AP.
Apr 26, 2005
Sometimes I wonder how certain people get employed… really! I usually get drilled with a bunch of technical questions in every job interview I’ve gone to (with the exception of a couple where the hiring manager had absolutely no clue about IT… this re-enforces me original point!) and feel that I really have to show “what I’m made of.” In the meantime, some people get hired and surprisingly manage to keep their jobs whilst they lack (IMNSHO) the knowledge and skills.
The Good Stuff
Apr 21, 2005
Wow!!! It is amazing how great this whole week has been for me so far at work! Been churning out code for my very simple data to xml application and sometimes (the horror) I don’t even want to go home so I won’t interrupt the grooviness! Tomorrow I’m scheduled to give a live demo to the rest of the group! I’m ready to blow them off their socks! For such a simple and small program, I think I’ve done a pretty good job at making it usefull and stable!
One Voice
Apr 20, 2005
Yesterday our recently elected CIO paid us a little visit for the first time. The entire IT team attended the hour long meeting where the CIO very eloquently explained his plan for the entire IT organization (which is actually made up of several smaller IT groups throughout the Board of Education). In the end he “opened up the floor” for questions and/or comments. For a grueling 10 seconds nobody uttered a word.