A Hazy Shade Of Freedom

After battling for a few days with a certain free (as in non-proxy-ed) wifi AP, I experienced approximately 5 minutes of unlimited freedom right after lunch. My friend Kelvin and I had spent a good chunk of our morning trying to figure out why the connection was dropping all the time but to no avail. I did some “googling” around and saw that some people have been complaining about the same problem but for me this only happens at this certain AP. At home the connection is rock solid! I got the suspicion that the problem is that the AP is now using WEP authentication but some other type (maybe Cisco’s LEAP?) that keeps fluctuating the WEP keys. That could explain why I sometimes get the connection and then it just drops! Anyhow, for 5 minutes today I experienced sheer joy when I was able to get a signal and listen to my favorite internet radio station… I need to spend some more time trying to figure out the solution to this mystery.

On unrelated news, WordPress 1.5.1 was just released, apparently to fix some type of exploit. Will make sure to update this site some time later today. I’ve decided to use these instructions to upgrade from 1.5.0 to 1.5.1.

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