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Incredible! Here I am waiting outside my wife’s doctor’s office, bored out of my mind when I decide to check if anyone had left me an open Wi-Fi AP. Much to my surprise, I found 8 completely available and am bored no more! =)
What Does It Mean???
May 16, 2005
What does it mean when your direct supervisor keeps asking you to do some of his tasks and you know for a fact there’s no promotion involved? I guess my biggest “beef” is the type of stuff he asks me to write about: What is .NET and what advantages does it offer? What are the advantages of using Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS)? What are the requirements for working on the code library we just purchased and have no documentation on?
While typing my last post I was interrupted by a so-called “.Net Developer who just earned his PMP.” He’s been “featured” here before for asking “very intelligent questions.” =) This time he told me he had just bundled some application and given to a DBA to run it when they received an error message: Oracle[blah blah blah].dll not found!!! "So this program you wrote is trying to connect to an Oracle database?
Away From My Desk
May 11, 2005
Starting today I will be stuck attending some training class for work. These “classes” start at 9am and end at 4:30pm, all through Friday! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to grab a cup of coffee in the next 5 minutes. Managed to update this blog to WordPress 1.5.1. Since this was a bux-fixing release, don’t expect to find anything changed here. As a side note, am looking forward to some WoW playing time with Vinny tonight!
Trying Out Perforce
May 11, 2005
Tonight I want to take a quick break from playing WoW and install Perforce SCM System at home: The Perforce SCM System features comprehensive software configuration management capabilities built around a scalable client/server architecture. Requiring only TCP/IP, developers can access the Perforce Server through a variety of Perforce clients (GUIs for several platforms, Web, or Command-Line). Perforce can be deployed quickly and easily, and requires minimal administration, even for large or distributed sites.
After battling for a few days with a certain free (as in non-proxy-ed) wifi AP, I experienced approximately 5 minutes of unlimited freedom right after lunch. My friend Kelvin and I had spent a good chunk of our morning trying to figure out why the connection was dropping all the time but to no avail. I did some “googling” around and saw that some people have been complaining about the same problem but for me this only happens at this certain AP.
Close Call
May 03, 2005
Not in a blogging mood today… Got home last night at 9:30pm(!!!) and checked my messages: 1 new message! An old girl-friend crying and mumbbling about her sister (also an old good friend) having an accident… broken up telephone number to call back (she must have called from a cell phone… had to rewind message 2 times… Call number and a guy answers… After introductions (“Hi, I’m an old friend of such and such…") learn that the sister had apparently “thrown herself out the window of her second floor apartment.