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Cute Visitor
Feb 25, 2005
My daughter’s daycare was closed today due to the weather. Eventhough there’s less than 2 inches of snow on the ground they decided that it was safer not to open today. I think they just used a very lame excuse to have a day off and since they get paid no matter what, it doesn’t hurt them in the pocket. So today I brought my daughter to work with me for the first time.
Matt Frondorf has just completed his journey from NYC to San Francisco, taking a picture of the surroundings at every single mile along the way!!! What a great way of sampling the vast differences of our great nation! The web site is pretty cool as well.
Enemy Territory Night
Feb 23, 2005
Every Wednesday night has been “Enemy Territory Night” for Vinny and I for quite some time now. I’m a confessed E.T. addict and have been known for taking just any free second I can squeeze out of my tight daily agenda just so I can play a little bit. Tonight is the only time during the week when I can forego my house chores so I can solely concentrate on the game.
Sharp Turns
Feb 22, 2005
Today was my first day back to work since last Wednesday when I flew to Boston to attend Linux World Expo. It started out just like any other day: woke up early, drove daughter to daycare, crawled through traffic on the FDR Drive, parked across the street and coughed up the $11 daily rate, signed in at 8:25am, walked into my cubicle, said hello to my co-worker… Only there was no reply… there was nobody sitting there… in fact, the space previously taken by my Russian friend was empty!
Because through out history, men have worn un-bifurcated garments. Because if women had an appendage hanging between their legs we guarantee you they wouldn’t be wearing pants. Freedom, and increased mobility. You only go around once, so why shouldn’t you be as comfortable as possible. All men deserve air conditioning in the summer. You will chafe no more. No more adjust, right side, left side! Say goodbye to wedgies. A word about the pockets: Unlike pants, the Utilikilt’s pockets are only sewn down on top, so that they move with the garment but not with your leg.
This last Friday was the second day of my trip to Boston. The agenda was very simple and yet had all the ingredients to an unforgetable day. Having swapped a few emails with Miguel De Icaza where I convinced him to meet me and give me a tour of Ximian’s office in Cambridge, we had finally settled I’d meet him during his lunch break. My friend Vinny and I left his house around 11am figuring it would take us about 30-40 minutes to get there but we were not counting on getting lost on the way.
Linux World Expo 2005
Feb 17, 2005
So here I am standing in front of the Gnome booth. Vinny and I got here around 1-1:30pm thanks to his awsome navigational skills but were able to see every single booth. The environment was very laid back and not as “corporate” as last year’s event in NYC. We managed to ask a few questions, got a lot of cool stuff, even a complementary made-in-front-of-you latte' at the CA’s booth, and just enjoyed it all.