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What a great month for open source translators this has been! The latest news is the marriage of GNOME’s Damn Lies with Vertimus. You can think of it as statistics and work flow in one interface! From the announcement email:

You like Damned Lies and Vertimus, we too, so we have merged both! The new Damned Lies offers a new reviewing workflow. If you’re a translator, you can join one or many teams and reserve a module for translation. Once your work is ready, you can upload the PO file on and then a reviewer of this team will review yourwork for approval. A committer is still required to eventually commit the file in the GNOME SVN. DL is able to send an email to your team mailing list to notify about important actions. The goal is to promote good translations and to help newcomers with advices so the team coordinator is able to assign new roles to the team members (as reviewer or committer).

Could 2009 be the Year of Translations? Expect a follow up post explaining what this marriage means to you soon.


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