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Been spending some time converting my pet application BillReminder (written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET) so that it can run on Linux… but this time, without the Gtk# libraries for all the graphical rendering! Since I’m currently running Mono version 1.1.3 that comes bundled with Ubuntu Dapper, I can tap on to the new features including the port of the System.Windows.Forms namespace!!!

I must confess, the conversion process has been very minimal, and the only thing I have to pick on is the native look of the widgets… I’m not sure if I’m missing some other package, but the quality, or lack of, of all widgets needs some serious work… But is ok… Just the fact that I can write code that has the potential of being executed in several other plataforms is exactly what I’ve been looking for all along! Sure I can do that with some other languages (python, java and Tc come to mind), but that fact is that the job market has been divided between Java and .NET… And the ability to execute code in multiple platforms without much loss is something that could influence any employer when they have to choose between candidates who have that experience and those who don’t! image0


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