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Today is a very special moment for all of those who were involved with the release of yet another stable GNOME, version 2.22. It also marks the release for another stable Foresight Linux, version 2, keeping the tradition of always releasing together with GNOME! That is a lot of number 2s! :) I want to congratulate everyone who’s helped for the last 6 months, specially the Brazilian translation team that once again delivered a 100% translated GNOME desktop, and the Foresight guys for delivering a great combination of bleeding edge technologies (PulseAudio, PackageKit, Syslinux)!

It is also a day to remember the life of a friend from the Brazilian team who passed away last year at the tender age of 24… Raphael Higino was a long time contributor to the Brazilian GNOME team, a reliable team member, and most of all a good friend! This new version of GNOME has been dedicated to him and his acomplishments, an extremely nice gesture from the entire GNOME community.

Thank you Raphael!


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