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It seems that for some reason beyond my understanding, one of my latest posts (“Back to School”) keeps showing up as a new post every so often in services such as Bloglines.  Mind you that ONLY this one post seems to be showing this “symptom.”  I was actually informed that it keeps getting “refreshed” every 30 minutes.

The reason why I’m writing about this is because I have received complaints from 3 different sources, citing how extremelly annoying it is to see my ‘gotchi showing up in their news reader dujour.  Someone even mentioned that the mere site of it made his stomach turn! Hehe…  Now, I’m not too vain and won’t take it personal.  But one of the comments I received “kindly” asked me to remove myself from Planet Ubuntu!

Being the curious type I am, I decided to take a peek at Bloglines and serched for the word: Ubuntu.  Sure enough my post came up, as it did every other time I performed the same search in the following 8 hours.  THAT is definitely extremelly annoying for sure!  In my defense, I noticed that the feed is not coming directly from my blog, but from the Planet itself.  Not really sure why this is happening but, could the fact that the title itself of the post (“Back to School”) and that someone could be “googling” for the same terms, have anything to do with it?

But that’s besides the point.  I obviously “feel” their pain but… what right does he have to tell me to remove my blog from the locations where they’re being sindicated?  This is my blog after all.  What is next?  People will tell me what to write too???


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