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The depth of the WWW never ceases to amaze me. Every day there’s a new world out there for you to discoverer! I do browse a handfull of sites every day religiously but sometimes I crave for new material. Reading blogs have given me the opportunity to “interact” with a much larger audience with an even wider and diverse background… and tastes… and points of view… About 2 days ago I came across Stephen O’Grady's blog and was hooked to his style of writing immediately. Today's entry titled “On Blogs, Multi-Tasking and Continuous Partial Attention” was very, but very interesting for it touched upon a subject that has been afflicting me for quite some time now:

I simply have too much to do. Too much to read, too much to write, too much everything. This fact is as immutable as the laws of thermodynamics. While there’s always room for improvement in my overall efficiency, ultimately the equation is simple: the information to free time ratio is solidly tilted in the direction of the former.

Ever since I joined “corporate America” shortly after college my life has turned completely upside down. I feel like I’m living inside Pink Floyd’s The Wall music video. Every day you take your place on this conveyor belt inside a huge assembly line and like sheep move, slowly but surely toward the abattoir. There’s just so much to do and so little time. 24 hours are not enough to get everything done in one days… and that is not including the things YOU really want to do. Everything is timed. Your bathroom breaks are timed. No, there’s nobody following me with a stopwatch timing my every minute. The timing is actually done by my own self… My (un)concious way of making sure I don’t “waste” to much time just sitting in the John. I don’t remember the last time I took a nice and long bath… Or the last time I just sat outside and watched the sky at night… The little voice inside my head keeps telling me: “What??? Watch the sky??? Couldn’t you do something else, like folding your clothes or cooking enough food that will last 2 days so you don’t have to cook after you get home at 7pm??? And don’t they have a DVD for those who like to watch the sky anyway???” Maybe I should litteraly unplug myself! It is one alternative I’m yet to try… Stop myself from trying to multitask every thing I do… Take the time to completely focus on something that I enjoy doing 100%… like fishing…


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