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Radio Tray, your favorite light weight online radio streaming application, has gone under some more development churn since its last release. Namely, there is now a dbus interface to allow other applications to interact with it! So you write a “remote control” for Radio Tray and change the volume, change stations, extract metadata from the stream being played, etc. Here’s what’s currently supported:

  • listRadios()
  • getCurrentRadio()
  • playRadio(name)
  • turnOff()
  • volumeUp()
  • volumeDown()
  • getCurrentMetaData()

Fancy learning a bit about adding a dbus interface to your own application? Want to add new features to Radio Tray? A new “" script has been added to the repository to help you understand how things work and get you to hit the ground running! Just clone the repository and take a peek:

hg clone

Oh, and if you can help us translate it into different languages, join our effort and start helping today!


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