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Just to follow up on one of my earlier messages to Twitter/ today, here’s a little trivia for you:

"What do Moblin, Xfce, Fedora plus a few other projects have in common? They all use Transifex for their translations!”

There’s quite a few other projects out there already toying with Transifex to see if it fits their needs too, which goes to show that the word is getting out about the benefits of using it as a platform for managing translations. I, for one, am very excited to see all the hard work being poured into it coming to fruition! It definitely validates their vision and it definitely must feel really good to work for Indifex, the startup behind Transifex!

Transifex appliance had 421 downloads in last 30 days

I also noticed that my Transifex Appliance project seems to be generating some traffic too, which leads me to believe that people are downloading it (or launching it on Amazon’s AWS) to test drive it without the need of installing all of the moving pieces that are needed to get your environment up and running. For the last 30 days the appliance has been downloaded 421 times, enough traffic to get it listed in the Most Popular section of rBuilder Online!

Shortly before moving to my own house a couple of weeks ago, I started creating a separate “flavor” of the Transifex Appliance project, this time based on the CentOS (powered by Conary, off course!) platform, but trying to unpack our stuff in the new place together with some pretty tight deadlines at work has limited how much time I can dedicate to this enterprise right now. Chances are that soon after Thanksgiving I may get enough free time to get a CentOS-based Transifex Appliance off the ground!


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