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After enjoying several days of free wi-fi hotspots pretty much every where I went, my mom’s neighbor finally turned the WEP on and I spent a un-wired Friday afternoon. Took the time to do some reading and watched some tv. Went home Saturday morning and found out my main computer’s power supply had gone kaput… Luckly there is a computer supply store literally around the block and $40 later I was back on business. Ended up picking up a new Western Digital 200GB hard drive and replacing the one I had (It had started giving me I/O error messages and made installing Ubuntu virtually impossible for me). I promptly installed Ubuntu Hoary and am now happily using all of the features this AMD64 has to offer!

On a different subject, I managed to get my hands on the soundtrack for the movie “Garden State.” What can I say? It is AMAZING! I was extremelly pleased with the movie and amazed at Zach Braff’s performance. He not only performed but also wrote and directed the movie! Apparently he is also responsible for the soundtrack.

Also got Narada’s Gypsy Soul CD. Great flamenco tunes for a night of friends and drinks!


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