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A couple of updates before heading out to the weekend:

Been working hard together with Fábio Nogueira on the XFCE translations before the eminent 4.4.2 release. Things are looking really good!

Tonight I was feeling a bit adventurous and took the pre-alpha Foresight 2.0 KDE Edition and installed it at home. Like I said, I was really feeling adventurous and installed the x86_64 bit version too, and so far everything looks good! Amarok feels really good right now! :) The whole idea is to allow me to work on Brazilian Portuguese translations for KDE and be able to see my work in use.

Speaking of translations, I want to thank the good folks at Maemo for accepting my application for the N810. Look for some Brazilian Portuguese goodness coming your way soon… :)

Look out for the official announcement and directions on how to get your hands on a Foresight 2.0 Alpha DVD GNOME Edition! Full installation time seems to be at around 5-7 minutes! My KDE install took 4 minutes! Blink and you may miss it! :P

I feel like I’m forgetting something but can’t remember right now… Oh wait! Yes! Does anyone know if it is possible to use Mugshot in conjunction with Amarok? I mean, this application really rocks!


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