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Here’s what happened this week:

  1. What’s new with Radio Tray?

    • ` <>`__Radio Tray, your favorite light weight online radio streaming application, has gone under some more development churn since its last release. Namely, there is now a dbus interface to allow other applications to interact with it!
  2. When the movie is better than the book

    • Over this past weekend I found just enough time to finish reading Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose, a book about the story of the men of E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne, U.S. Army infantry.
  3. The Road to GUADEC 2010

    • This past April 16th I had the pleasure of receiving the following email:

      Congratulations, your submission Making easier for companies to give back to GNOME has been accepted for presentation at GUADEC which is being held from 2010-07-26 to 2010-07-30 at Den Haag.

      I was ecstatic!!! Having had the opportunity to attend GUADEC 2009 at Las Palmas,Gran Canary last year,  I was thrilled […]

  4. Can a plugin help you improve your writing skills?

    • My good friend Vinny introduced me to After the Deadline, a nifty WordPress andFirefox plugin that promises to “help you write better by adding spell, style, and grammar checking to web applications.â€?
  5. Django Developer Kit 1.2 Release Candidate 1

    • I’m really excited to announce the release of my Django Developer Kit 1.2 RC1! The highlights for this release include the first Release Candidate for the upcoming Django 1.2, as well as a switch of the underlying platform, from CentOS to rPath Linux 2


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