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Week in Review

Here’s what happened this week:

The Maze Runner

This past March I started a new routine to my Sunday mornings: shortly after breakfast with the kids, I flip my laptop open and start reading the Books section[…]

Django Developer Kit 1.2.1

I have just released the Django Developer Kit 1.2.1 appliance to match with the release of Django 1.2.1! Check this page for[…]

For The Win!

Sunday I was lucky enough to have the chance of attending a book reading (well, a passage actually) by Cory Doctorow! The event took place at Flyleaf Books right here inChapel Hill, a charming independent book store[…]

Django 1.2 E-Commerce

Just received my complimentary copy of the book “Django 1.2 E-Commerceâ€? from Packt Publishing! From the book’s overview[…]


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