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[caption id=”attachment_963” align=”aligncenter” width=”279” caption=”Week in Review”]Week in Review, picture by stylianosm[/caption] Here’s what happened this week:

  1. Coffee, a personal history
    • I first got hooked on drinking coffee back in the Spring of 1994 while attending a Microbiology class at Pace University. Our class started way too early for me and our professor (can’t remember her name right now) was this tiny old lady […]
  2. A Pig, an Elephant and a Yellow Dog
    • From the “Read a Book to a Childâ€? department, I’d like to recommend two amazing books that will be a sure hit for any kid, even the one inside you! “Watch Me Throw the Ballâ€? An Elephant & Piggie Book by Mo Willems is a wonderful […]
  3. RESTful Web Services, Beautiful Soup and Launchpad
  4. Splitting WordPress Export File with ChoppedPress
    • You’re all probably tired of hearing me talking about my script to split the XML-like file that WordPress generates when you use the Export feature. Tonight I have finally added the final touches […]
  5. A Hamster, a Lynx and The Princess Bride… What???
    • Got a couple of interesting bits for you today, starting with some really great news from the Hamster Project, a time tracking application. My friend Tom wrote about his recent work […]


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