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Here’s what happened this week:

  1. Quotes to brighten your day
    • Kind of ironic how my post titled “Stop whining and improve your lifeâ€? attracted so much negativity in the comments area.
  2. From the “Useful Django Tip� Department: Reset The Admin Password
    • This comes straight from the Useful Django Tip department: How do you reset the admin password for a Django project when you’ve forgotten it?
  3. Helping downstream translations swim upstream: Part 1
    • Sometimes, contributing back to upstream open source projects is not as straight forward as one may think. “Helping downstream translations swim upstreamâ€? will be a new series of articles where I intend to explain the issues contributors may face when attempting to send translations back to upstream projects, and hopefully, devise a couple of possible solutions.
  4. Help sponsor Mercurial development!
    • Anyone who has ever added a project to BitBucket already knows what Mercurial is, but for those who have never heard about it…
  5. Transifex adds new features, wins more hearts
    • It has been a great Spring for, everyone’s favorite open source translation portal!
  6. Book Preview: Django 1.1 Testing and Debugging
    • What a great day to kick of the day! Just received my complimentary copy of the book “Django 1.1 Testing and Debuggingâ€? from Packt Publishing!


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