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Here’s what happened this week:

  1. Radio Tray 0.5.1
    • "It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Radio Tray 0.5.1! I have been following the development of this tiny streaming media player from the very start and even cloned it so that I could play with it on BitBucket."
  2. Stop whining and improve your life
    • "During your day to day conversation with your friends and family members, do you find yourself talking about work or life in general in a negative manner?"
  3. Learning Inkscape?
    • "Lately I have found myself spending more and more time playing with Inkscape, the amazing open source vector graphic editor! The main reason being that my oldest daughter has shown interest in drawing and graphic design."
  4. Command Line Tools with Python OptParse
    • "It is not very uncommon for me to receive some code requests from friends looking for a little help to “make something easierâ€?. I’m talking about those pesky day to day things that after a while makes you go: “If I could only push a button and have it done!â€?"
  5. From the “Better Than Sliced Bread� Department: Terminator
    • "Basically, think about opening a single terminal (console) window and then splitting it down the middle (vertically) to get now two separate and independent terminals… and then splitting the left terminal horizontally, giving you now three terminals… and then… well, you probably get the drift by now."


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