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Here is what’s kept me up late these last 3 nights: Installing Gentoo Linux onto Houdini (AMD 64 3400+ 1GB RAM) and getting Windows XP to run under VMWare. This may be a bit unorthodox but I wanted to have access to some Windows-only applications (such as Visual Studio 2003) without having to keep an extra computer at home with the sole purpose of running Windows. I wonder if I can install and play WoW under this scenario without much of a performance loss???

I chose to go with Fluxbox and some other “light-weight” applications since I don’t really need a lot of GUI to do what I want. I’m not sure if all the new Mono/C#-based applications have been ported to x86-64 yet but I want to install F-Spot, Blam! and be able to do some GUI programming with C# too.

Screenshot: Fluxbox, Mozilla Firefox, Torsmo, Gaim, Eterm, and VMWare.


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