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Today I complete yet another life cycle, version 3.2! Some bugs have been fixed and the “application” seems to be a bit more robust. New bugs I’m sure will be discovered (and hopefully reported too), and even a “fork” seems to be stabilizing in the shape of my (almost) 5-year-old daughter! ;)

This last year marked my de facto entry into the open source world! Together with other people, we founded Planeta Ubuntu Brasil, a blog aggregator completely designed for brazilian portuguese speaking users, and helped place the Ubuntu Brasil community on the map! I was also named the administrator for the Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators, a “position” I am extremelly proud to maintain! I made many friends, some just as passionate as me, but also got involved in a few tribulations of my own due to some administrative decisions… but I am certain that nobody can honestly doubt my enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for the community. I have many plans and adventures planned for this new life cycle, which hopefully I’ll be able to relate any success or failures this dreamer may come across!


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