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it is amazing just how little real information gets its way to the American public these days. What we Americans call news must be the equivalent of a soap opera or comic stand up everywhere else in the world! The problem is so serious that for those who were born here and never left the country that you end up becoming utterly unaware of what else is going on around the world or, even worse in my oppinion, not knowing what kind of terrorism (our government calls it Foreign Policy) we are perpetrating outside of our borders.

So, while we are spoon fed news about celebraties sexscapades, wild fires and floods (here in American only off course) and useless bits of information, the real news end up filtered out and tossed in the censorship bin. How do you govern/control over a huge population who believe they are free to do whatever they want? The answer is easy: get them out of the equation! As long as we go about our lives thinking that nothing is wrong around us, there is not reason to revolt.

How many people know that Kucinich presented several articles asking for the impeachment of Bush? That our stupid oil-war in Iraq has killed over 1.2 million civilians in Iraq? When was the last time you saw a video/picture of our young soldiers coming back in a coffin? It is as if there was nothing going on and we go on with our lives. How much coverage did our networks give to these issues? Not enough! In any other part of the world, if a president was being considered for impeachment, guess what would be on all news television and newspapers?

Think that the new presidential hopefulls are any better? Wrong! I could never trust someone whose loyalty is far stronger to his organization/group/posse than to his own countrymen. McCain will be yet another dictator with world domination fever. Obama? So much for a change we can believe in. I could never vote for someone who’s main concern is the well being of the State of Israel or who asks his supporters to pay for Hillary Clinton’s $22 million debt from her failed presidential bid! I want a president who puts us, American people first in their agenda. Cut funds for our imperialistic armed forces, and our obssession with finding water in Mars and use that money to pay off our own debts!

People who try to speak up end becoming motives for jokes… How many times was Ron Paul ridiculed during the presidential debates? Apparently it was funny to them that we have been printing money like it was for a game of Monopoly!

I could go on, believe me.


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