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In order to celebrate the holidays and the success of the Brazilian Ubuntu community, I have decided to sponsor the Ubuntu Sweepstakes 2005!!!


  • First of all, register yourself at the Launchpad site and sign the code of conduct.
  • Then, send me an email with the subject “Ubuntu Sweepstake 2005” with your complete name and your actual Karma points. For those who already have an account at Launchpad, send me your actual Karma points.
  • Just to clarify: Submit your actual Karma points at the date you submit your email! All entries will be checked religiously! ;)
  • Start translating the programs listed to be released together with Ubuntu Dapper Drake! Or, start submiting bug reports!!! The complete list can be seen here!
  • Anyone may participate, independently of which distro you use or what team you cheer for! But do it quick!!! The sooner the better!
  • All participants and their respective Karma points will be published here for tracking purposes!
  • The sweepstake closes at December 25th at 12 noon (UTC)!
  • The winner will be whoever accumulates more Karma points (minimum of 3,000) from the day of submission!

Prize: The winner will receive completely free of charge a copy of “Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional”, to be published very soon by A-Press!


Questions and/or suggestions are welcome!


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