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Finally!!! After so many months of working hard on the brazilian portuguese translations, we can now celebrate and enjoy the new Ubuntu release, my first release as part of the Ubuntu family! The work itself is enormous and yet delicate at the same time. There were many people who showed interest in lending us a helping hamd, but during the long winding road, it was a smaller group that emerged from the ashes! I strongly believe that we have all grown a great deal, as we learned more from each other and were able to form some very solid relationships! I am extremely honored to have worked with such a vibrant group and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart, for all of your hard work, patience, and for understanding how serious the job isTo all of the volunteers who never, ever gave up on this task, thank you for sticking with us and know this: Your hard work is very appreciated and I’m sure you’ll collect the fruits of your labour in the very near future! Some of you managed to stand out and have been added to the team, which should indicate that every little bit counts!To the official members, thank you all for maintaining our standards and for your continuous support our cause! Now, more than ever, it is important that you act as the role model for all the future translators yet to come! To all of the brazilian Ubuntu users out there, who every single day help us elevate the status of our community: Next time you walk past one of the translators, don’t forget to thank him/her… and since most translators lead a very quiet life and won’t be seen in the crazy night life of Brazil (except for Meyer, who is considered by many the King of Rio), and to celebrate the fact that the World Cup of soccer is right around the corner, I am proud to present… Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators F.C. Keeper:



image6 image7 image8 image9
Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes Alexandre Otto Strube Alexandro Silva Eduardo Cereto


image14 image15 image16 image17
Fábio Nogueira (C) Licio Fernando Thiago Ribeiro Yves Junqueira


image20 image21
Mário Meyer Antônio Cláudio (LedStyle)


Og Maciel

And unfortunately, since I didn’t manage to get any more pictures, every body else will have to stay in the “bench”, but were all starters!.


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