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Just like a teenager who’s about to get his driver’s license for the first time, I was as nervous as one can be early this morning (14:00 UTC), while attending my first Ubuntu Council meeting. One of the subjects to be discussed was my possible membership to the Ubuntu Members Team. Topic after topic were brought up and dealt with… and as the minutes passed on by, I could barely remain calm… I was afraid I’d choke during my presentation and not say anything useful, but then… a huge calm came over me… and I spoke! With passion! With conviction!

When the smoke cleared and all the dust settled (and after I was dragged off the stage, gagged and tied up so to shut my mouth), I was informed that I had been granted the membership! It was a very exciting moment for me and it touched me to hear the type of compliments I received for my involvement so far!

Just as any “award” show, one has to finish it off with a “thank you” note… so, in no particular order…

Thank you:

  • sh
  • rbelem
  • segfault
  • MarioMeyer
  • Seveas

Specially, my wife and daughter for putting up with this husband/father who spends way too much time glued to the PC… and takes every opportunity to teach them that Open Source is the way to go!

… and everyone who’s supported me these last months and the members of the council for seeing the potential I believe I have to offer to the community! My heartfelt eternal gratitude!


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