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Tonight I want to take a quick break from playing WoW and install Perforce SCM System at home:

The Perforce SCM System features comprehensive software configuration management capabilities built around a scalable client/server architecture. Requiring only TCP/IP, developers can access the Perforce Server through a variety of Perforce clients (GUIs for several platforms, Web, or Command-Line). Perforce can be deployed quickly and easily, and requires minimal administration, even for large or distributed sites.

Having used Microsoft’s Visual Source Safe (VSS) for most part of my professional life (now am being forced to use some old version of PVCS!!! ARGHH!), I want to see if this tool could replace VSS. I first heard of them at this year’s Linux World Expo in Boston and was very impressed with it, specially since it will run on Linux and has a 2 user/seat free version.

I’m not sure if I’m going to install the server under a Linux or Windows system yet…


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