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[caption id=”attachment_1176” align=”aligncenter” width=”300” caption=”Happy Birthday”]Happy Birthday[/caption]

Received the following email this morning:

Last night our Transifex installation turned 1 year old. I think with
101 users and  4012 submissions in 45 languages it has been quite a
step forward compared to the previous mailing list-based submission
system. For that I'd like to thank all the people involved, most
noticeably Jannis for the initial setup, the Transifex guys for help
and fixing bugs, Og for the appliance we've been running for the last
half year and of course the Translators with all their patience and
effort to make it a success.

The Xfce development team.

This has an extra special meaning for me, not only because I am one of the 101 users contributing translations to the Xfce project, or because I’m a huge supporter of the work the Transifex guys have been doing, but because of their use of the Transifex Appliance!

You see, a while back I needed a “pet” project to use as a learning tool to learn about creating, maintaining and deploying software appliances with the technologies we develop here at work. Transifex was the project that caught my attention, mainly for being a tool for translators and for using Django under the hood.

I’ve been maintaining the Transifex Appliance for quite some time now, all by my lonesome self and putting a lot of my free time. So it feels great to hear that the appliance is being used in a production environment and that it is used by several users!

So, congratulations to the Xfce translators and Nick Schermer for sticking with the appliance and providing tons of great feedback on how to improve it!


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