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Early this week I decided to lure more people into participating more with the task of translating Ubuntu Breezy’s packages to the Portuguese (Brazilian) language. A quick email to our distribution BrazilianLoCo list with promises of eternal gratitude from $DEITY was able to attract a few replies and by Tuesday (or was it Monday???) night I met up with a few people at #ubuntu-br (Freenode) who were willing to spend some time doing the job.

I must tell you… we were able to get a lot accomplished that night! And the repercussion of that night seemed to have sent “after-shock” waves across the community, for the effort is still ongoing and more people joined in the effort!

I just have got to mention Bruno Lima and Mário Meyer, two great guys who are responsible for doing a whole lot of work in such a short time AND attract more people to the cause!

Looking forward to continue working with you and beat you in our little translation race! ;)


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