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Following the tradition of releasing simultaneously with the Transifex project, I’m pleased to present you the Transifex “Magneto” Appliance 0.8! There are just too many cool features to mention here… so I won’t! Just go ahead and read the release notes instead.

From Transifex v8.0 featutes

As far as the appliance goes, the most important thing to know is that I dropped MySQL and replaced it with Postgresql, so if you’re thinking of updating an existing deployment, you’ll have to backup your data and handle the restoration process. If you’re installing for the first time, choose from the following image types:

  • Installable ISO (x86)
  • Installable ISO (x86_64)
  • VMware (x86)
  • VMware (x86_64)
  • Amazon EC2 Small (ami-af8669c6)
  • Amazon EC2 Large (ami-b7a54ade)

The appliance is pre-configured with 2 unique users: editor and guest (with passwords editor and guest respectively) and several projects for you to play!  To keep it up to date, log in to the web based administrative interface by connecting to your appliances url using https and adding port 8003 at the end. Then, login as admin (the initial password is password but you’ll be prompted to change it during the initial wizard). I can proudly say that the Transifex Appliance has been downloaded several hundred times in the last 2 months and is currently being used by several companies and projects that are either test driving Transifex or decided to host their own instance like the Xfce project for their translations!

As always the development branch of the appliance will follow the development code line of Transifex and provide a playground for anyone who wants to help out the project, such as the tasks created ahead of the upcoming Google Summer of Code. :) Download the appliance today and see why projects such as Meego, LXDE, Xfce, Fedora, and many more chose Transifex to manage their translations!


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