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TransifexA newer version of the Transifex Appliance has been released with all the latest, juicy bits! In fact, this release is the mother of all releases with so many new features and goodies that it would take me a while to jot them down here! A few impressive nuggets are:

  • Brand New Translation Storage Engine
  • QT (TS) translation file format support
  • Source language file tracking over HTTP
  • Translation file metadata auto-updating
  • Clone language
  • Non-English Source Languages
  • Lotte: Multiple Source Languages, Suggestions, Keyboard Shortcuts, Translation Memory
  • Application Programmable Interface

Can you believe that Transifex has reached the 1.0 mark???

There’s also a couple of new image for your download pleasure. Think about it: Either download or launch one of them and you’ll have a complete, ready to use, batteries and kitchen sink included, Transifex appliance!!! Here they are:

Once you have it running, login to your appliance with the following credentials:

  • User: editor, Password: editor, for administrative tasks;
  • User: guest, Password: guest, to browse around;

As always, feel free to drop me a line with your comments and/or suggestions.


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