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It has been a great Spring for, everyone’s favorite open source translation portal! Things felt a bit quiet since their latest release, but the Transifex guys were secretly working on some really nifty features!!! This Tuesday they lifted their shroud of secrecy to reveal to the world these yummy new features:

Team Discussion Board: Each translation team now has a discussion board. Get organized better and more efficiently. No need to setup separate mailing lists for each translation team! Just talk to each other from inside Transifex itself and get informed when new messages appear.

Private Messaging: Now users can message each other from inside the Transifex system. Go to your inbox and get in touch with other translators and developers. Ask questions, get answers, ping people.

Private Messages

Maintainer announcements: Maintainers can now use their Project Discussion page to announce news and communicate with their translators in a “forum� style. Get in touch with translators, seek for new contributors and so on.



Nudges are here! Visit your favorite profile and poke other people if you want their attention (e.g. to tell a translator “hey man, long time no see!�.

Reviewing feature has just landed on Translators can send files for review before actually committing them upstream. This allows discussions to take place and voting for each contribution, which, when accepted by a privileged user, will be pushed upstream.

Introducing Hubs with sub-domain support, HTTP redirections, self operated project pool. For a live instance of this one check the MeeGo live hub. More about this in the next weeks. A deep bow to our friends at MeeGo and Moblin for helping out in so many valuable ways! =)

Updated profile pages to utilize the private messaging infrastructure and also the nudges. Also we removed your email from your profile page :)

Improvements on the `automatic file language detection <>`__.

Project Releases: Projects can now sport Releases, which aggregate statistics both from the project’s own components as well as others. Collections have been turned into normal projects, fully allowing a maintainer to have the power to control releases.

Have you got a project hosted on BitBucket, SourceForge, Gitorious, Google Code that needs some translations? Head on down to, register your project, and let a thousand languages bloom!


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