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Because through out history, men have worn un-bifurcated garments.

Because if women had an appendage hanging between their legs we guarantee you they wouldn’t be wearing pants.

Freedom, and increased mobility.

You only go around once, so why shouldn’t you be as comfortable as possible.

All men deserve air conditioning in the summer. You will chafe no more.

No more adjust, right side, left side… Say goodbye to wedgies.

A word about the pockets: Unlike pants, the Utilikilt’s pockets are only sewn down on top, so that they move with the garment but not with your leg. No more bulky crap contorting the shape of your leg. The Workman’s can carry an entire six pack. You don’t have to wear your cell phone on your belt. With the Wrkms kilt, you don’t need a tool belt (for lighter stuff.)

The Utilikilt is made in the USA . You are supporting local industry. Your mojo will thank you.

Easy access …

Fringe benefits:

A. Physical: Your virility may increase. You will experience the pleasing sensation of air conditioning. B. Mental: Wearing a kilt shows a sense of security with yourself, and you will inspire much debate in others. C. Spiritual: Without physical constrictions, you burden will be lighter, your sense of freedom less impaired, and your sense of yourself, will have room to grow.

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