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Having spent the last week doing some actual work and preparing for a presentation at work, I’m now taking some time off so I can take care of myself. Tomorrow I will undergo a small procedure to remove some growth from my earlobes (called keloids, due to the piercing of my ears during my teens) and will spend the rest of the week at home, trying to get back in shape. This whole thing really sucks and many aspects. Being a contractor (who have been taking advantage by my agency due to my lack of experience working as a contractor) I don’t really have (paid) vacation or sick days. Now that I’m being forced to take this so called “vacation” I will not be able to take a real one later on the year. Not that my employer wouldn’t let me take some time off before the end of the year, but because it would cost me dearly not getting paid for 2 weeks. I will also be in pain for most of this week so forget about doing anything “fun.” Since the procedure uses a CO2 laser to remove the keloids, it will feel like a 3rd degree burn with all the skin oozing and sticky mess that comes with it. I will also be limited to sleeping on my back only, which could cause some major discomfort. Oh well, enough whining for now…


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