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For the third time in my life I got a traffic ticket this past Friday. Now, I know I was wrong and parked under a sign that clearly stated no one was allowed to park on that side of the street until 6pm (it was 5:30pm when I pulled up to pick up my daughter from school). But $60 for parking on an empty side street, without blocking any garages, fire hydrants, or important land mark??? Really, how many StarBucks’ White Chocolate Mochas can you get for $60? I promptly pulled out my checkbook, wrote a check for it, and mailed it this Sunday. It should prevent me from taking stupid chances again for a while…

Talking about this with my co-worker made me think of one of the most stupid man creations ever: the street sweepers! C’mon! Do they really make a difference on your street??? I firmly believe that its sole purpose is to create havoc early in the morning, hold up traffic for those who commute through Queens’ traffic, and give traffic police the lamest excuse to give out stupid tickets!

… ok… Feel better now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest! Had a pretty uneventfull weekend and spent most of my time either shopping for Halloween decorations with my family or slouching on the couch watching baseball/football/pre-season hockey.


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