The Big Score

“I just moved here and the other day I was talking to my cousin about what you do. You know? The thing with the cars? Hannah told me about the thrill of it, and to tell you the truth, I got really curious about it... and I was wondering if you could show me how to do it?”

When Kate, a 17 year-old skateboarder from Hawaii, moves to New Bern, a sleepy town in North Carolina, the last thing she expects to happen is that she will become involved with a band of thieves. But when she meets Abby and Torres, seniors at New Bern High, and learns of their “harvesting” business, she does all she can to convince them to teach her the ropes and let her join their gang.

But Torres and Abby, once best friends, have been at odds lately, trying to outdo each other and prove their skills as emblem thieves. And now with Kate as a pupil - and helper - Torres and Abby are determined to establish themselves as the best thief in town and settle, once and for all, The Big Score!

In this fast-paced, funny, and utterly relatable novel, Og Maciel brilliantly captures the outlaw that lurks behind every teenager and  the allure -- and occasional heartache -- of taking risks and breaking the rules.