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Dom Lachowicz's post about this morning's London terrorism acts touched upon a very delicate subject: how other countries perceive the United States. I agree with almost every one of his sacarsm-filled bulletted reasons why “they” hate “us” but in the end I think his emotions got the best of him:

"Try walking a mile in their shoes. If I were in a Saudi’s shoes, I might want to blow shit up. I’d imagine that most people would feel the same."

What just happened today wasn’t anything new. One doesn’t have to look to far back in history to see the same events. It has got to be extremelly frustrating for those closely affected by these acts… There has got to be a great deal of pain too… But if we let our frustrations and emotions take a hold of our actions, we wouldn’t be any better than those who afflicted the pain. “What should we do then,” you may ask? I don’t know the answer to that. But I do know that more violence will not solve it…


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