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Been suffering from a nasty stomach flu since yesterday and, needless to say, it hasn’t been fun for me. Spent the entire day trying to get some rest but was too restless to fall asleep. I don’t know how many times I checked my email or browsed my rss feeds! Out of the many tabs I opened and closed in my browser, one remained open at all times: a link to a book called Essential SQLAlchemy!

Having ventured into the SQLAlchemy and Elixir world a couple of months back (if you’re curious, check out my bookie code in my personal svn server), I felt that the documentation was a bit too “thin” to get me where I wanted to get: replace BillReminder's database layer with a more pythonic and, hopefully, easier and cleaner code. Now, a couple of months later I felt compelled to give it another chance, maybe with the aid of this book. My only concern is, with so many other things going on with my life, will I find the time to go through the book and make the US$34.99 purchase? Don't get me wrong, I love buying books but with 2 young kids and the economy deteriorating before my own eyes, one has to prioritize one's needs.

I then saw a link to Safary Books Online and started drooling at the possibility of having a zillion technical books available to me from any computer! But once again the price tag brought my ambitions to a halt… and now I’m left to “enjoy” the remaining effects of my stomach flu and wish I were a literate fly inside a Barnes & Nobbles mega store!


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