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When I started my GNOME trip, we were on mile 2.16 and the GNOME Brazil crew was in the process of tackling a 26% deficit with the translation process. Together with the Brazilian Ubuntu translation team, we plowed through bugzilla, leaving no empty (or fuzzy) string left to tell stories, and reaching mile 2.18 at 100% translated! :)

Several months later and the road trip continued, with new pieces added to the puzzle, and some great effort by our committers down the stretch. The crew worked even better this time, like a fine oiled machine! We can already see mile 2.20 in the horizon… and there is no doubt that we’ll make it with plenty of gas left in the tank!


Eye of GNOME, or eog, is just one example of what the Brazilian Portuguese speaking community can count on being completely translated! Another example will be Rhythmbox.


or gEdit…


I am very proud of this collaborative achievement (I know we’re not 100% yet, but we’re so close I can taste it already!) and of the pleasant “working environment” we’ve achieved during this cycle.

To all of the guys who spent many, many, many hours in front of the PC going through literally thousands of text strings, my most sincere thank you! It’s been a blast!!!


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