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Just watched the Republican debate on TV and was perplexed by the “quality” of “answers” that were given by the candidates… well, all except one failed to get my serious attention: Ron Paul. Just as Dennis Kucinich would have been my candidate of choice for the democrats, I must say that Ron Paul has left a very good impression in me. While the other candidates (and even the panel moderators) busied themselves by ridiculing him, he gave answers! Straight answers! Like it or not answers!

Unfortunately to him, Ron Paul touched on a couple of issues that are taboo in US American politics: Israel and war. I doubt, and you have to give me some credit for not knowing our history 100%, that any presidential candidate has been ever elected by not having Israel or (any) war in his/hers agenda.

At the end of the debate FOX (the news media broadcasting the debate) asked the question: Who was the winner/loser of the debate? In my opinion:


Who was the winner? Ron Paul has earned my respect.

Who was the loser? We are, the United States citizens, for having a bunch of morons from which we’ll have to pick our next president… but wait! Didn’t we do that last election?

PS: I am turning off the comments for this post, something that doesn’t happen often in my blog. I just don’t feel like dealing with any impulsive zealot out there… Those who really want to discuss politics with me know how to get a hold of me.

UPDATE: Thanks Jeremy and Malcolm for pointing out my spelling mistake. :)


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