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I’m back from GUADEC 2009 (a blog post dedicated to this will be posted soon, I promise) and am now trying to get caught up with everything that has happened at work and projects I follow. Manage to spend some time today to check what’s new with the Transifex project and am very impressed with the direction it is going.

Transifex's Lotte interface

What you see above is the new tool/feature being added for inline, online translation of projects, codenamed Lotte! In other words, project maintainers can allow translators to do their translations using the web as its editor! Off course you can still do uploads of translated files as before.

If you want to play with the latest Transifex code, I’ve just published some development images for the Transifex Appliance. Choose from ISO, VMware or EC2 images, for both x86 and x86_64 architectures. Your appliances can be updated using its own web based management system by pointing your browser to the appliance’s IP using port 8003 with the credentials admin and password. Make sure to change the password once you’ve successfully logged in.

This release is based on the development branch of Transifex. A couple of projects have already been created for you to play with. Log in using either guest/guest or editor/editor as your user name and password combination and tinker to your heart’s content!

Make sure to read the documentation and file issues/send your feedback to the developers.


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