This Wednesday I embark on what may be the most important trip of my life: I’ll be visiting and interviewing with the chairs of several different departments at the North Carolina Univertsity with the objective of gathering information for my possible come back to the academic world. It’s been almost 8 years since I graduated from Pace University and my plans of earning a PhD/MD diploma have taken a major detour. From lab technician at BD Pharmaceuticals, BioInformatics Programmer at Synaptics Pharmaceutical (now part of Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals), and now VB.NET Programmer for the School Construction Authority of NYC, I have often felt like a fish out of the water. Computer programming has been a hobby of mine since I was given a Sinclair ZX when I was 9 but being a scientist is what really gets my blood flowing. I’m hoping that somewhere along this trip something will click and help me get back in track with my dream of doing something that will help those people all around the world who unfortunately were born with some type of disability and cannot fully enjoy a “normal” life. I strongly believe that everyone is here for a reason and I want to do my best so that the meaning of my being here is to make someone else’s life better! Hopefully I will be able to acchieve my goal as a Tar Heel!


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