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Apr 13, 2005
Today I actually enjoyed work!!! Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to mention “work” and “enjoy” together? I haven’t done it since early 2002 when I worked for the now defunct Synaptic Pharmaceuticals!!! I spent most of the day working on a new VB.NET application for work (something very small and simple for XML generation) and my C# (soon to become Mono) rss reader. It feels absolutely great to be back in the groove of coding!
What a week this has been… and it’s only Monday!!! After putting up with a lot of infantile abuse from my upper management things seem to be heading South. I used to feel that the entire organization was plotting against me and wondered if it was just me. But now, I have definite confirmation that my sanity is still somewhat intact! My new co-worker (and I think she was also hired to be my supervisor) has been experiencing all the abuse herself for a few weeks now and seems to be in the brink of walking out of here!
Cute Visitor
Feb 25, 2005
My daughter’s daycare was closed today due to the weather. Eventhough there’s less than 2 inches of snow on the ground they decided that it was safer not to open today. I think they just used a very lame excuse to have a day off and since they get paid no matter what, it doesn’t hurt them in the pocket. So today I brought my daughter to work with me for the first time.
Sharp Turns
Feb 22, 2005
Today was my first day back to work since last Wednesday when I flew to Boston to attend Linux World Expo. It started out just like any other day: woke up early, drove daughter to daycare, crawled through traffic on the FDR Drive, parked across the street and coughed up the $11 daily rate, signed in at 8:25am, walked into my cubicle, said hello to my co-worker… Only there was no reply… there was nobody sitting there… in fact, the space previously taken by my Russian friend was empty!
Jail Life
Feb 16, 2005
No word about getting a copy of my database backup yet… In the meantime, here’s a (mug) shot of my at my so called “prison cell.” Been here for almost 6 months and haven’t gotten used to living in this “cubicle forest” yet. The inhabitants are a bit edgy and can turn to cannibals without any warning. Boy, am I glad that Tux is here to protect me (that’s him sitting atop my pc).