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I’m still trying to come to grasps with the knowledge that my upcoming YA book “The Big Score” is now available on BARNES AND NOBLE (and Amazon too, but still, BARNES AND NOBLE!!!) for preorder!!!
I’m pleased to announce that you can now pre-order the ebook for my latest Young Adult novel “The Big Score” at the following places: Apple Books Barnes & Noble Amazon I hope to have the print version available very soon!
This past May 31st, I added the final touches to the first draft for what should become my third book and second Young Adult novel. Temporarily titled The Big Score and currently, at approximately 44,000 words, you could say that this book was the hardest I’ve written so far. While my previous book, “I.C.Q.," took me around thirty contiguous days to complete the first draft, The Big Score started our back in November 1st as part of National Novel Writing Month 2020, and was only completed seven months later.