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Linux World Expo 2005
Feb 17, 2005
So here I am standing in front of the Gnome booth. Vinny and I got here around 1-1:30pm thanks to his awsome navigational skills but were able to see every single booth. The environment was very laid back and not as “corporate” as last year’s event in NYC. We managed to ask a few questions, got a lot of cool stuff, even a complementary made-in-front-of-you latte' at the CA’s booth, and just enjoyed it all.
Linux World Expo Bound
Feb 16, 2005
So here I am, counting the minutes until I get the hell out of work and head down to Laguardia Airport where I’ll be boarding my plane to Boston. My friend Vinny is picking me up for what seems to be a great weekend of geekness. Tomorrow we’re going to check out the exhibition floor at this year’s Linux World Expo, Boston Edition. I’m very excited about this for I will be there with my good friend… Have you ever been to some type of event (it could be softball) that you really enjoy but in the company of someone who doesn’t really like it and only accompanied you after putting up with weeks of you begging him/her to go with you?