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As promissed, here are some pictures of my TabletPC running Ubuntu Dapper.  I have managed to use the graphical keyboard (from the Assistive Technology Support submenu) in order to “type” using the stylus pen, but it was “weird” having to “cherry pick” the letters. ;)  Needless to say, I have removed it from the startup. I have installed  Nvidia’s driver and everything is just peachy… haven’t figured out how to rotate the display yet though.

Following a tip, I tried to install xstroke, but it is not available for Dapper yet.  Anymore suggestions before I roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty with code?

Finally, I plugged my wife’s iPod nano into it and Rhythmbox automagically picked it up and I was able to play its contents with style. ;)  And without further delay… some pictures:

Frontal view:


Left side, showing USB ports, stylus (half-hidden) et all:


Right view:


and finally, the real action taking place, Rhythmbox playing the iPod’s playlist:



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