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So yesterday I finally managed to get a hold of another HP TC1100 and bring it with me to the MySQL Meetup last night. There were many interesting things during our first ever “show & tell” session, which shall get mentioned on a later post, but all I really wanted to do was to install Ubuntu onto the TabletPC and try to get everything working.

The new and extremelly easy to follow 5-step installation process was readly approved by all, and in approximately 15 minutes I had a complete system, minus support for the stylus pen… yet. ;) I can proudly say that the built-in wireless card worked like a charm though!

Following the advices I received, either via comments or email, I proceeded to install the wacom-tools package, rebooted and… I had a working stylus!!! It cannot get any easier than that!

Tonight I will try to get the stylus to actually write stuff (right now it works as a pointing device only) and get the video/screen rotation to work. I have some really great links (1, 2) that should at least keep me busy for a while. I will also post some more pictures to show off any progress I make.


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