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For the last 2 weeks I have (unsuccesfully) tried to migrate BillReminder from SourceForge to Google Code project hosting. I have filled out the web form to register a new project on Google Code, but since this project already exists in SourceForge, I have to go through an extra step where a message should be sent to the project lead (which happens to be me) requesting approval for this migration. The problem is that I always get a 500 page when I click on the submit button!

There is definitely something borked in this process, for when I first tried to go through this process, I would some times see a captcha box above the button… and sometimes I wouldn’t! Regardless of whether I saw (and obviously filled) the captcha field, I always ended up with the 500 error page.

Both of my emails to their contact email have gone unanswered… No luck asking on #google at Freenode either. So… anyone from Google reading this post who can lend me a hand?


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