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Yesterday I caught a huge break (my daughter fell asleep much earlier than usual) and was able to watch some of the Giants x Saints game, as well as catch the first episode of the new tv show Surface. Though I’m not too much into tv shows and only selectively watch a few shows (Scrubs, Seinfeld and Frasier re-runs, Futurama, Whose Line Is It? Fresh Prince, among others), the preview teasers for Surface had me salivating with anticipation. I know, the plot itself is nothing new and has definitely been done before… but somehow it still managed to get me excited.

For those of you who missed out last night or just came out from under a rock: The show “…centers on the appearance of mysterious sea creatures in the deep ocean…” and the four characters that manage to get a first glimpse at this new form. For no (yet) apparent reason, these creatures start a very rapid propagation/replication cycle and start to appear in many places around the world. Towards the end of the first episode, an old fisherman together with a younger kid observe hundreds of strange “fireballs” (which they initially mistake for shooting starts) plunge into the ocean…

The (lack of) quality of special effects wasn’t exactly Hollywood-like… and the acting wasn’t Emmy caliber either… and despite all of these I still couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen!


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